RE: collapseable documents

nemo/Joel N. Weber II wrote:

> I find myself wondering whether it would be possible to have a browser
> support colapsable documents.  I'm thinking of how the Mac Finder
> has an arrow in the view by name display, and if you click
> that arrow, then the directory's contents are displayed.  I
> think something similar is possible with displaying documents
> if those documents are reasonably simple.

> It wouldn't work if I've written a paragraph like this:

> <p>
> This is a sample document.  <A HREF="section1.html">Section 1</a>
> cases where this will work, and <A HREF="section2.html">section 2</a>
> the cases where this will work.
> </p>

> So it can't work for all pages.  But it might be doable in some cases.

Yes you are right, there is a way. We posted a spec about this feature at We intend to submit that as a IETF

Yes there is such a browser, you can download it at 

It is not necessary to embed Meta content like a table of content in the
HTML document. We think, that it is better to separate content an meta
content. However it may in certain cases be preferable to include meta
content information in the content. 

Take a look at the Meta Content Format specs and tell us what do you think.
Does it do what you want? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Received on Sunday, 23 March 1997 20:15:25 UTC