Re: We need a META schema registry!

William F. Hammond wrote:
> Michael Mealling <> writes to Benjamin Franz
> <> et al.:
>  :It's the high end users and companies that need the real metadata
>  :system (and registry) that are the ones that are going to pay
>  :the large amounts of money for servers and systems.
> I don't understand; presumably the high end users
> (i.e.,
>  :libraries, document management systems, technical writers, etc
> )
> already have careful control over the code that generates what they
> serve.
> Therefore, I do not see why *additional* large amounts of money
> should be involved.

They do but what they want to do is use the web to reflect that
in an open way. For example, the library community uses
MARC. MARC is not something that librarians really want to
pass around on the web or to force users into using. What
they do want is a system in which they can represent that
same data (or promote existing data into) that is open
and Internet accessible but is rich enough to reflect
the richness of their data.

I.e. their using the web to reflect their legacy and
community specific systems in an open way. That
is where the money can be made and the market
forces felt.


Received on Tuesday, 18 March 1997 12:16:04 UTC