Re: print out html form from X-windows

At 03:45 PM 3/17/97 -0600, Qin Chen wrote:
>	I met a problem when I tried to print out a html form from 
>x-windows, the browser I am using is netscape 3.01. I hoped to print out 
>the html form as well as the data I inputed, but it turned out that only 
>the text part of the form was printed out. neither did the input 
>boxs,buttons nor the data.

We had a similar problem, on Netscape/2.x running on Sun/Solaris boxes.
What we eventually did was submitted the form with an extra checkbox
saying to return the form contents formatted appropriately for printing
and then printed the document as returned. You actually get a lot more
control over the formatting of the form data if you use this method -
we used an HTML template which we parsed the form data into before
returning the HTML to the browser.


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