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> Submissions are frequently rejected by the HTML WG and the CSS WG, or
> are turned back for further work. Members of these working groups are
> being scrupulous about following the W3C process.
> No matter what your opinion of Microsoft, Netscape, or any of the other
> members of these working groups, it is inappropriate to slam the process
> or result based on personally held feelings.
> As the spokesperson for SoftQuad on matters pertaining to our
> relationship with W3C in general and these working groups in particular,
> I resent the implication that the members serve only to "rubber stamp"
> proposals emanating from MS and NS. SoftQuad has been a proponent of
> good design and clear specifications since the inception of the original
> IETF HTML WG, and later under the auspices of the W3C.

I think part of the problem is that we, the interested members
of the public, are unaware of how well the WGs might or might
not be working because of their closed nature. It's much easier
to see what is going on in an IETF working group and to evaluate
the process that leads them to reach a given conclusion.


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