Search Engine Snafus


Have you been using Submit-It and other methods to get your site listed?
Submit-it is a really great service . but, as you may be aware, the search
engines don't always process the submissions, and they also drop many sites
that used to be listed out of the directories to keep the size of their
database down, so you never can be sure if you have an active listing, till

So, we have launched a new FREE service called at  The Detective will check any URL to see
if the URL is listed in the search engines and e-mail you a report FREE.

You can also become a Partner.  In exchange for putting a small
icon next to the link, you will become eligible for Partner
benefits.  Check out the partner program at:

Thanks so much.

The team.

Received on Monday, 10 March 1997 02:23:29 UTC