Thanks everybody that helped me about my Search Engine!!!

WEll,, thanks to the people that helped me,, you've been great help,,
i've evaluated the Verity's  and Excite's  search engine,, also the cgi'
search engine that the other guy told me about..Sorry that iŽ' not
giving the names,, my mail server got some problems this week and i've
lost all of my mail messages,,,, So if i get to recover them , i'll
thank everybody on their mail addresses.....

About the search engines, i think that right now i going to use the
Excite's,, because of a very simple reason,, It's free,, and right
know,, that i still dont have any sponsor,, free is my magic word..!

i've downloaded the Excite's engine,, but still haven't installed it
yet, because i've got to clear this doubt first,, I'm going to create my
search engine on a Virtual Server,, but my question is "Can i use the
Excite or any other search engine on one of this virtual servers?????",,
i will contact the Virtual Servers company in order to ask them about
it, but i guess they won't reply me ASAP,, so if one of you guys have an
idea about this matter, let me know!!!!

Still i don't know anything bout the Excite's Search engine, 'cause i've
got to installed it first,, but it is a Windows NT version,,, so i guess
it won't work on my Win95 system,, Ohh, yes, that's another thing that i
need to know about,, "Does my Virtual Server provider need to use the
Windows NT server in order to the Excite's search engine to work???  The
version 1.1 of the search engine is avalible in two OS versions, Windows
NT and Solaris,,, The 1.0 version is avalible in a wider range of OS,,
so  who knows, maybe it won't work if the Virtual Server provider
doesn't have the same OS!!

Well,, thanks in advance to everybody that will answer my "LOOOOONG
QUESTIONS",, and i'll let you know about any progress on my search
engine, and i hope that all of you guys can review my SE when it's

Jorge Rodriguez( A.K.A George)

Received on Sunday, 9 March 1997 17:41:23 UTC