Re: Who's queen?

Simon, you really wanna know the answer to that ?

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Simon Spero wrote:

> So, now that the Queen has her own web page, how long till we get Lord 
> Berners-Lee of Geneva?

Some while after the WWW burst upon the public (as opposed to the 
academic) psyche a British management magazine did a story on it. It 
described Tim BL as " a technician working at CERN in Geneva" . This is 
UK management code for someone next up from the lab bottlewasher (I know, I 
was educated there).So, the answer to your question is, if the hidebound 
ignoramus who wrote the article has anything to do with it, "Not for a 
bloody long time". 

On the other hand, if you look at the pattern of these handouts, and 
assume they get handled more or less sanely, Frank Whittle (remember the 
jet engine ? ) did eventually get a K, so the bets are for something 
between the handout to the Beatles (MBEs) and a "Sirhood" for Tim BL.

Roger Collins

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