RE: FW: IE4.0 and W3C Standards

All I can say is that we'll be tracking the spec as it evolves.  We are
committed to changing code from beta to beta to final product to ensure
this.  We are also committed to abandoning designs which are turned down
for 'standardization' by our peer members at W3C and the folks
participating here.


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>I'm not sure whether to interpret this as good news or bad.  On one
>hand, it looks like Microsoft is trying to do The Right Thing by
>implementing W3C recommendations in their IE4 product, which I think
>is absolutely and completely terrific.
>On the other hand, if what you're saying is true, your implementation
>is being based on incomplete W3C work, published internally only in
>the form of working drafts and "discussions".  This is very much like
>basing a protocol implementation on an IETF working group's draft-rfc,
>which can change considerably over time as it gets "debugged" and may
>not even become a numbered RFC.  As a result, I have the feeling that
>Microsoft may be jumping the gun purely for the sake of gaining market
>share before the final spec is made public by the W3C.  There is
>clearly a resulting risk that "bugs" in the draft W3C spec will
>instantly become part of an entrenched installed base of IE4 browsers,
>which seems unlikely to be good for either the W3C or its ~160
>members, including Microsoft.

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