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Re: A proposal for a new protocol

From: Sarr Blumson <sarr@umich.edu>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 09:12:17 -0500
Message-Id: <199703061412.JAA01951@sinshan.engin.umich.edu>
To: "didier ph martin" <dmartin@cedep.com>
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You might want to look at X/Open's Federated Naming.  Someplace on

In message <199703052146.QAA07319@octave.collegeleboeuf.qc.ca>, 
"didier ph martin" writes:
>During the past months we have worked on an implementation of the MCF
>language (ref: 
>http://mcf.research.apple.com/hs/mcf.html). However, instead of using URLs
>identifier for units we used URNs. We looked at 
>several draft:
>PATH URL: draft-ietf-uri-urn-path-01.txt
>We found in these projects very interesting things, but we got a major
>constraint. Independently of turf and religion wars (which 
>remind me of some dark ages) we have market constraints. Concretely, this 
>means that to implement name spaces (at the base of 
>URN), we have to deal with Novell NDS, Microsoft Active Directory, DNS  on
>some systems, the desktop name space and so 
>on... Even if we grabbed ideas from these previously mentioned projects, we
>had, after more thought, to design a URN protocol 
>that would take into account this reality.

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