Re: IE4.0 and W3C Standards -Reply

Thomas Reardon wrote:
> Thanks for playing Erik.  Next?

My turn.

It was my impression that the HTML and Style lists were places where
those not officially in the web standards business could make
constructive comments, suggestions, and criticisms that would be
considered and responded to by those with power to act on them. Thomas
Reardon and Chris Wilson have proven me right on many occasions.
They've engaged in public discussion, publicly admitted mistakes,
corrected and enhanced their product, and - I believe - even changed
their stance on CSS1 standards due to input from the lists. Unlike
representatives of the 'N' word, these guys are obviously listening and
seem to really give a damn about the quality, usability, and even
interoperability of what they're creating.

No doubt MS products have good, bad, and ugly* aspects (and there's
little consensus which is which). But when there's movement in an
inarguably positive direction, criticisms should be composed with some
concern for the feelings of those working hard - perhaps against
competitive instincts - to make things better.**

David Perrell

 * sometimes attributed to spaghetti code

** note: this suggestion is subject to reinterpretation
   if CSS1 support is crippled in IE4

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