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I would think that an official spokesperson from Microsoft wouldn't say
such non-observant things.  1) If microsoft is the leader in Internet
Products, then why does it not have an operating system that has native
Ip capabilities?  Why must Microsoft encapsulate netbeui in IP? hrmmm got
me on this.  Champion of Internet Protocols.  I think you should rethink this.
Why is it that activeX won't work on UNIX?  hrmm.. As the Internet leader,
and UNIX being the leading OS on the Internet, I would think that these
comments just stabbed you in the back.  Show support for a true
operating system!!!!!!  One that can multitask, multithread, and multiprocess.
 I would have to say that honestly, Microsoft does not have a GOOD
Internet product.  I thought I would see catapult come throug finally for
microsoft, but yet another buggy software from the TEAM.  And tell me
this.. If you have such profficient software, then why in hell does it take 5
exchange servers to support 30,000 people when it only takes 1 Unix
box?  Sure you can probably have 30,000 people on 1 Exchange Server,
but throughput sucks.  Until you get off Intel, I know your working on it. 
Microsoft will never be a leader in the Internet World. I use all Operating
systems and am most disappointed in Microsofts.   The throughput is just
not there.. Hell my linux box outperforms an NT server on the Intel
platform and that is a free OS.  I think you should think b4 you speak!!!!

Jeff Wilde

>>> Erik Aronesty <> 03/05/97 09:26am >>>

As an unofficial spokesperson for Microsoft, I'd like to add:

Microsoft is the champion of all Internet protocols, including Active-X,
Winsock 2.0, and WINS.

Also, Long File Name Abbreviat..., and ".lnk" files simplify Internet
shortcuts which can be embedded in MS-MIME mail.

Our GUI is tied to File Access and we are the only OS to support the
standard SendMessageExExEx function.

Unlike other OS's, you can configure your System Window Message
Queue Default Buffer Size using the Kernel32.

We support all levels of API complexity: MSVCRT10.DLL, 
and even NETBEUI!

Obviously we are the leader in technological power, most our API
functions require 30 arguments ... many of which MUST be NULL!

Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 11:51:25 UTC