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Erik Aronesty wrote:

As an official spokesperson for myself:

> As an unofficial spokesperson for Microsoft, I'd like to add:

But your E-mail address doesn't end with How could
that be? ;)

> Microsoft is the champion of all Internet protocols, including Active-X,
> Winsock 2.0, and WINS.

I wasn't aware that Active-X was an Internet protocol. I thought it's
just something that you can download via some Internet protocol and
do with it what you like. But, since it's a real protocol, there must
be some RFC (or at least an Internet draft) with the definition which
I skipped. Could you point me to it, please?

> Also, Long File Name Abbreviat..., and ".lnk" files simplify Internet
> shortcuts which can be embedded in MS-MIME mail.

Also, long lines are not very friendly to some software out there.
Could you tell your MUA not to produce lines longer than 80 characters?
Thank you.

> Unlike other OS's, you can configure your System Window Message Queue
> Default Buffer Size using the Kernel32.

Hmmm... My OS doesn't know what is System Window... And neither do I.
Could you explain what that means? I don't see what has Internet got
to do with SYSV messages.

> We support all levels of API complexity: MSVCRT10.DLL,  MSVCRT20.DLL,

CRT = tty? :)

> Obviously we are the leader in technological power, most our API
> functions require 30 arguments ... many of which MUST be NULL!

All praise Microsoft!

They work 24 hours a day and 256 days a year  --

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