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Internet Banner Network

From: <ibn@savvy.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 10:11:37 -0500
Message-Id: <199702111511.KAA24865@pub.savvy.com>
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Dear Webmaster,

Let me take this time to introduce you to the Internet Banner Network.

Being a website owner I'm sure you are familiar with the concept
of selling ad space on your site to generate revenue.  However, if you've
tried, you've quickly found out that it's not so easy to find paying

Joining the IBN may be the best way to get your foot in the door and grab a
piece of the advertising pie.  We find the advertisers.  We display the ads.
We collect the money and remit your share directly to you.  Here's how it

As a user accesses an IBN member Website, an ad banner is automatically
and dynamically displayed matching an advertiser's target audience profile.
Your site starts generating revenue the moment you become a member of the IBN
and begin displaying ad banners. Letting the IBN find the advertisers for
your site allows you to concentrate on content, to attract more viewers,
and therefore, more banners and more revenue.

If you would like to join the IBN you must first apply and be approved.
Approval of all sites is based on content and traffic.  There is no fee
required for joining the IBN. After approval, all you have to do is make
a simple change to the HTML of your Web site's homepage.  The IBN will
verify that everything is functioning properly and activate your site.
When your site begins displaying IBN ad banners, you will be generating

In addition, the IBN never wastes space or an opportunity.  If there is no
advertiser's banner to display at a member site we use it as an
opportunity to advertise another IBN member site.
If you are interested in joining the IBN, visit our Web site
at: http://www.banner-net.com  and fill out the order form or call
us at : 1-800-WEBPRO-1.


Internet Banner Network
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