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From: Minghao Lee <minghao@cae.wisc.edu>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 13:39:50 CST
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		   First World Conference on 
	Network Assurance of Computer and Communication 

		    May 29 - June 1, 1997

		       NACC1 Conference

        University of Wisconsin, Madison, WISCONSIN, USA

Sponsored by: LMH International. 
Brief Description and Themes:

The security problem of computer-communication networks has attracted some
attention in past few years. The human fact of security is almost always
ignored in such consideration. Due to current needs, we have to consider
in the situation when computer people work in an environment where their 
own activity and privacy are not secured. In such case, we have to consider
the security problem along with some extra networks which are created by 
that environment. 

A Star Net is one of such nets where one of the person's security is not 
guaranteed, or everyone else can read that person's mind any time. We are
interested in the resolution of how well that computer person could possibly 
protect his/her intellectual property.

A Galaxy Net is one of such nets where more than one person is not secured, 
or everyone else can read these people's minds any time. We are interested 
in the resolution of how well these computer people could possibly protect 
their intellectual properties.

Generally, A Di-graph Net is one of such nets where everyone's security of
mind or mind readability by others are specified by a di-graph or a reading
relation. We are interested in the resolution of how well these computer 
people could possibly protect their intellectual properties.

In particular, A Chaos Net is Di-graph Net whose corresponding di-graph is 
a complete di-graph. Similar resolution is in interests.

In above cases, the computer nets are arbitrary and need to do case studies.

Linguistic and game theory could put into consideration.

A copy of extend abstract (maximum 1000 words) of high quality should be send to:

Minghao Lee
424 W. Wilson
Madison, WI 53703
Tel. (608)284-1510

E-mail.  minghao@cae.wisc.edu
Groups interested in co-sponsorship are invited to send inquiry to

LMH International
424 West Wilson
Madison, WI 53703, USA
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