Re: Java and HTML and well known socket numbers

Once upon a time Matthew James Marnell shaped the electrons to say...
>Sorry, I missed this in the first reading.  Again, since nobody
>has asked this question, I will.  Why are we talking about running
>Java applets on servers?  Why did someone go through all that trouble

Check on Sun's Java announcements.

By 1997 they plan to have it so a client can assemble a Java applet on the
fly - say a search routine - and send that applet BACK to the server for
the server to execute or proxy to another server.  Little smart frames
running about to and fro.

They made a big deal out of this during JavaOne - and several vendors of
HW and SW said they will be implementing it.

>that keeps up with the Spec) language?  Why are we going to use
>Java instead of CGI if we're going to have to execute it back on
>our servers anyway?

That's another thing - Several vendors are pushing Server Side Java applets,
or servlets, as an alternative to CGI for database interfaces, etc.

>I can't think of any reason that anyone would be sending me anything
>to run on the servers.  I can see someone downloading applets/apps

There was a list of them discussed at JavaOne - Java is not just a web
thing anymore.  There is a lot of planning for clients to make up applets
and toss them to other clients, to servers, through proxies, etc - a bit
Gibsonian but effective.

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