Hey all,
     I'm a web-developer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA.  My 
     particular project is to create a database manager that can be used 
     over the WWW.  I'd prefer the use of Perl and mSQL, since we already 
     have some material using mSQL, and Perl seems to be the standard that 
     we've been using.
     I'd like the users of the page to be able to:
     Create new databases
     Edit current databases (add keys, and fields)
     Submit new entries
     and of course Query a database
     I'm telling you all this because I was hoping that someone has already 
     done this.  I'd hate to recreate the wheel. I'd also except as an 
     alternative... the use of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic scripts.
     Let me know if you've accomplished this,
     Jason T. Vincent

Received on Thursday, 2 May 1996 20:47:53 UTC