ANNOUNCE: Ewgie 1.0

Announcing Ewgie 1.0

	Ewgie (pronounced "yoo-GHEE", rhymes with "boogie") stands for
"Easy Web Group Interaction Enabler", but that's not important right now.
	Ewgie is a very simple IRC-like chat and shared whiteboard system.
Here are some of the highlights:

	* The server and client are totally written in Java and
	  are completely free
	* The system sports a simple, clean interface
	* It's very easy to set up and install
	* The chat system supports most of the basic IRC commands
	  and has a few other things:

		The ability to distribute URLs as browser "slide shows"
		You can "ring" others with a sound
		HTML-formatted transcripts
		You can password-protect chat areas and
			use access control by nickname and IP address

	* The whiteboard has your usual basic whiteboard tools:

		A selection tool, text tool, and live pointer tool
		Choose pen widths and custom colors
		Import, flip, rotate, cut, copy and paste images
		Floating tool and status panels

	* Unlike other applet chat systems, Ewgie does *not* use frames :)

	To try it out or grab the distribution, just go to:


	-- Kevin

Kevin Hughes *
Enterprise Integration Technologies Webmaster (
Hypermedia Industrial Designer * Duty now for the future!

Received on Wednesday, 1 May 1996 21:08:54 UTC