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Re: PUT method (& all it's siblings)

From: Matthew Denner <matt@wdi.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 07:30:24 +0100
Message-ID: <32195B80.2BAC@wdi.co.uk>
To: www-talk@w3.org
I get the www-talk-digest so bear with me for the moment.  I apologise
the length of this email but I'm doing just one to this list for the

> Subject: PUT method
> From: Jeremey Barrett <jeremey@forequest.com>
> Question: Is there something odd about the PUT method that Netscape
>           does not allow it to be used as a method on a form?

PUT is an extension to HTTP/1.0 included in the HTTP/1.1 protocol.  It
should be used to create a new entity on the web-site (i.e. if you edit
page with Netscape Navigator Gold and then 'publish' it, it get's PUT
the web-site).  There is, in theory, no reason why it shouldn't be used
however, you must remember that this method is used for creating a new 
entity altogether and as such the form must be doing something pretty

I think you'll find that the browser is converting the PUT method to
else as, as I've mentioned before, this is for creating a totally new

> Subject: Re: PUT method
> From: jna <jna@retina.net>
> What exactly is a PUT method? At last check, there was no such method.
> Perhaps netscape implements it as an alias to 'POST', but to the best
> of my knowledge there are TWO methods: POST and GET.

With relation to HTML forms there is only POST and GET.  Check the
protocol and you will find that there is also a PUT.  It sounds to me
like Jeremy has read the protocol specification and seen PUT, thought it
would work (like I would) for an HTML form, and tried it with no

> PUT sounds like a netscape-ism, and probably should be avoided in the
> name of standards. :)

As far as I know the PUT method comes from the HTTP/1.1 protocol (as
been labouring for the last couple of lines ;) and is not related to the
HTML form in any way.  Netscape-ism it may be, but it should be used in
the correct context: HTTP daemons only please.

> Subject: Re: PUT method
> From: Dmitry Beransky <dberansky@ucsd.edu>
> PUT is a method that is defined in HTTP/1.1 [1].  It was not in HTTP/1.0
> [2].  As far as I can tell Netscape doesn't support the 1.1 specs yet,
> although it is definitely aware of them.

Netscape definitely doesn't although if you study the header from the
you'll see that it pretends to.  In the header it states (loud and proud
'Connection: keep-alive' which is an HTTP/1.1 protocol issue.  Does it
do this?
Does it heck :)

Hope this solves some of the problems.


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