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In message <>, Mandar Mirashi writes:
>Anyway, IRC developers/users would like the formal specification
>of a URN of the format  irc://   The suggested URL format would
>With the integration of chat, several different companies now
>use non standard extensions or plugins for irc clients. We'd
>like to formalize this URL in the same manner as  news://
>mail:// and ftp://

You're not the first to need this. It's written up in the
PICS specs:


URL is as defined in RFC-1738 for URLs. In addition,
   PICS defines the following new form for referencing
   Internet Relay Chat (IRC) rooms:
   URL :: ... | 'irc://' host '/' alphanumpm 
       (where host is the usual Internet hostname)


The channel name shouldn't go after #: that's for client-side

If you'd write this up as a stand-alone draft, I'd appreciate
it! It needn't be long. See, for example, Larry's data:

>   I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list to send this to.

Actually, this is an HTML mailing list. Can I ask how you found out
about www-html without finding out about www-talk,, or
the other relavent mailing lists?

For mailing lists relavent to URLs, please see:

	Addressing: How do I get Involved?

I copied www-talk and the uri mailing list.

>Please let me know which committee handles new URL suggestions.

There used to be a Uniform Resource Identifer working group in
the IETF. It has closed, but the mailing list still exists

I keep track of URL schemes at:

I think Larry Masinter is working on updated URL specs. Stay


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