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On Sat, 17 Aug 1996, jna wrote:

> What exactly is a PUT method? At last check, there was no such method. 
> Perhaps netscape implements it as an alias to 'POST', but to the best 
> of my knowledge there are TWO methods: POST and GET. 
> PUT sounds like a netscape-ism, and probably should be avoided in the 
> name of standards. :) 

PUT is part of the HTTP/1.0 spec in the Appendix on 'Additional Features',
with the caveat that it may or may not be implemented or implemented
correctly.  Is is used for replacing a particular URI. For example,
let's say you are remotely editing /blah/blah.html, and wish to replace
it. In theory, a PUT header followed by the document would replace
the existing one. There is a bunch of server config necessary to make this
really happen most likely.

PUT does in fact work, if passed to a CGI script. Using netscape gold,
you can 'Publish' a document via HTTP, which sends a PUT request followed
by the full HTML text of the document, as it should. A CGI reads this from
stdin, and does receive the document text. My problem is that the 
netscape browser converts forms with PUT methods to GET requests before 
sending them to the server, and I have no idea why.

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