Re: "World-Wide" Web

Chaim Bendelac wrote:
> Not at all. "Place the cursor on blue text to make a choice"
> is one sentence (with one sub-sentence). "Press on the left mouse
> button" is a gramatically independent second sentence ("and" combines two
> sentences, and does not create a dependency). The only dependency is
> "using the mouse". Not too bad...

If you are talking about grammar, that's not what i meant.
I was referring to dependencies on the user environment;
perhaps the word "assumptions" would have been better.

The writer has assumed that the user is using a graphical
browser interface, has a cursor that can be moved over the
text, that the cursor is controlled by a mouse, that the
mouse has more than one button, that the buttons are aligned
left-to-right, that the left button is understood by the
browser to mean navigation of a hyperlink, that hyperlinks
are displayed with blue text, that nothing else is displayed
in blue text, and -- possibly worst of all -- that the user
is too stupid to know how to select a link.

Wow!  All this in twenty-seven words!

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