Re: URL parsing and IPv6 addresses

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, anthony baxter forwarded an IPwg mailing list message from (Christian Huitema) which said: 

>     As for URLs, maybe the same solution should apply, i.e. somehow quote the
>     IPv6 address between braces that tell you "this is an IPv6 address".
> No, for URLs the correct answer is to do nothing.   There is no
> need at all for a URL to contain a literal address, under any
> circumstances (IPv6 or IPv4).   

Of course there is a need: when one is trying to connect to a server which is
not mapped in DNS yet, when trying to connect from a machine without the
ability to do DNS resolution, when trying to connect to a machine without
having to rely upon a DNS map which may be under a different political
situation, etc... Anyways, it would be difficult to imagine working effectively
under this.

I think the suggestion of "," as the separator is best.



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