Re: URL parsing and IPv6 addresses

Earlier, <Donald E. Eastlake 3rd> inscribed:
> How about just putting square brakets around the address. I thought IPv4, 
> and presumably IPv6, raw addresses were supposed to bge noted that way.  
> so you would have, for example, http://[::83F7:6C0E]:8080/ or
> http://[::83F7:6C0E:8080]/

Well, my copy of netscape refuses to parse that notation for IPv4 addresses,
as does Lynx:
If there is a standards document that points to this, I would appreciate the

I dislike this idea because it adds more special characters, the '[' and ']'
to parse.  Also, it would make more sense to put them around the port
specifier -[:80]/ - as that allows them to be omitted
in the default case.


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