Re: Navigator & the closed socket (was: POST forms & Netscape Navigator)

En fecha/On Thu, 25 Jul 1996 10:17:59 -0700 expuso/wrote:

> |>Netscape does NOT close the connection but opens a new connection to the 
> |>server for each inline image it needs. After it has received all the images, 
> |>it closes all the > connections. This happens even if the server responds 
> |>with HTTP/1.1 and  Connection: keep-alive.
> All implementations of HTTP/1.1 are technically speculative at this point
> since the draft hasn't been finalized.  In any case, unless a client
> issues an HTTP request at level 1.1 or higher (does navigator actually do 
> this?) a server cannot respond with an HTTP/1.1 response.

Navigator still issues an HTTP/1.0 request. I just wrote a null HTTP server 
would accept HTTP connections and keep them alive, to see what the client does.
I even tried to respond with an HTTP/1.1 (I know I shouldn't) just to see what

The question here is: Why is Netscape sending "Connection: Keep-Alive" ???

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