ANNOUNCE: Chat room on YOUR page

ANNOUNCE: JavaTalk! goes Alpha (
JavaTalk! is an interactive web (java) based chat. 
Here is a summary of features:
- YOU can host your own chat rooms on your web pages WITHOUT requiring
anything more than a few lines of HTML in your source.
- Create your own Chat rooms with customized personal/company logos!!
Click on the logo would take users to your personal/company home page or
any other page you want them to go to.
- No restrictions on the number of users in a room.
- Private messages between users in a room
- Beep sends a private message with an audio sound (sound can be
customized for each room)
- double clicking on a user's handle shows their image (if entered),
email and home page URL. The URL can be click to jump directly to their
home page
- The chat can either be set in a web page or be popped out
(Enframed) into it's own separate window.
- The room list displays all the rooms on the JavaTalk! network. Click
on a room gives it's info (#users, URL etc). 
- Jumping to a room displays the logo of the new room
- URLs are detected in the conversation and a new browser window
automatically displays the URL! 
- the automatic URL detection *can* be disabled.
More features/changes are in the process of being made.
As part of Alpha testing, users are allowed to create their own
rooms and participate in chats. (Once alpha and beta testing is over
this may change)
NOTE: This is still an alpha release, though you will probably find it
surprisingly stable for an alpha. Problems may still arise and you are
expected to bear with me while I try to fix them.
So to setup your own rooms/participate in web based chats, stop by
Any questions... send me mail: (subject: JavaTalk!)
Manu Kumar

School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
E-mail     :
WWW        :
Office     : Weh 4615-1, 412.268.8861

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