Re: Proposal: "On Off" switch HTML forms Input Object

Bob Jernigan wrote:
> The essence of the proposal seems to be lost in the size of
> the document.  Isn't this a proposal for an event?  Somewhat
> onClick() in JavaScript..., you define the side effect for
> selecting a button.

There is already a side effect for clicking on a check box--
it becomes checked! As I've read the draft, the "On Off"
switch should be just like a check box with the icons of
an empty square and a square with a cross replaced by other
icons. That is properly handled by adding control of the
graphic representation of form inputs to style sheets, not
by adding a whole new input type. Correct me if I'm wrong!


Carl Johan Berglund <>

Received on Wednesday, 3 July 1996 03:24:09 UTC