Re: Proposal: "On Off" switch HTML forms Input Object

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> Hi I would like to raise a problem that a control like this poses.  When
> used within an HTML document this type of control is essentially a
> miniature Image map.  That is,  where you click on it determines how it
> behaves.  For people with poor motor control,  for those using the browswer
> from the keyboard, and for those using screen readers, this type of control
> may be unusable.

Unless it's implemented as a toggle, as checkboxes are. Sure,
you could say that every HTML input element should be able to
specify at least two images (one for "on" and one for "off").
Then your form could have custom looking checkboxes, radio buttons,
and regular buttons, maybe that fit in better with your ideas
than the built-in widgets. Then you could have the on/off
switch, just as a checkbox with alternate images.

Unless the orignal poster was talking about connecting the switch
to other form elements to enable/disable them. I would say that
is kind of a low priority.....

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