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Writes Simon:
 Actually, there already is a move to organise the WWW; the International
 Workers of the World Wide Web, or Webblies

Unlike wwwworkers, wwwusers have the luxury of telling "the man" to shove off
without penalty of hunger--its as easy as F-T-P.   Although I abhor the 
"consumer" label, I'd see this as closer to Consumer Reports or Underwriters 
Laboratories than a labor union.

But I'd always prefered Computer Programmers Union--CPU when it came to 
organizing our ilk, but have found success against the unsavory and unwise 
employer with the wildcat technique in recent years.  


Apologies to Billy Bragg...Mangled from "There is Power in a Union" 1986.

There is power in a standard Power in a faq
Power in the mouse of the user
But it all amounts to <BLINK> if together we don't link
There is power in a Union

Now the lessons of the past were learned with EBCDIC's blood
The errors of .com's we must pay for
From the formats to the protocols to the PR full of mud
Propriet'ry has been the bosses way, sir.

The Union persistent, defending cyber-rights
Down with the brain-dead, web users unite!
With our brothers and our sisters from many far-off lands
There is power in a Union

Now I long for the morning (GMT) that they realize
Slick brain-dead extensions cannot keep our data tied
But who'll defend the users who cannot organize
When the bosses redirect their lackeys out to bleat at us?

Money speaks for Money, The Devil for his own
But who synths' speech for the skin and the bone?
What a method to the anchor, a REL to the link.
There is power in a Union!

The Union persistent, defending cyber rights
Down with the brain-dead, web users Unite!
With our global virtual siblings together we will surf
There is power in a Union.
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