Summary of TAG resolutions on Director-Free Process proposals

On Thursday several members of the AB (dsinger, Florian, cwilso, fantasai, and 
Jeff) joined the TAG F2F to present the Director-free Process proposal.

These are the resolutions of the TAG on this topic, for consideration by the 
Process CG and AB (slightly reworded from the whiteboard for clarity).

Topic: TAG Appointment Committee

RESOLVED: Team participant should be a "non-voting" Staff Contact role,
           but can break ties in votes if the committee takes any votes.

RESOLVED: If committee can't make an appointment in time, Team will appoint,
           but for Team appointments the term is only 1 year.

RESOLVED: TAG Appointment Committee should be larger. Prefer 11 members
           consisting of 10 "voting" members + 1 staff contact, following
           IETF(?) precedent. Given a division of members into Chairs and
           TAG members, suggest 3 TAG members and 7 chairs.

RESOLVED: Randomly select from pool, then check whether willing to volunteer
           (rather than asking for volunteers first, then randomly selecting
           from reduced pool). Rationale: likely to yield broader membership

-> Please find a way to represent the Web developer community.
-> Restrict membership to not more than 1 member per company.
-> Make lists of candidates from which members are selected public.

Topic: W3C Objection Decision Council

RESOLVED: Council should pick its own chair, per issue, by consensus,
           falling back to a vote if that fails. (Goal is to choose a
           neutral chair for the topic.)

RESOLVED: Chair must be a member of the Council

RESOLVED: If FO not resolved in X days, chair MUST report status to AC.
           Report MAY be public. Suggest 90 < X < 180.

RESOLVED: TAG supports that full Council must issue the conclusion,
           even if smaller ad-hoc task forces are formed to do work.

RESOLVED: No separately elected council. W3C Council as AB+TAG is good.

RESOLVED: Council participation cannot require F2F participation.

RESOLVED: Membership of Council for a particular issue should be fixed
           at formation, not changed by elections. Recusal/withdrawals
           allowed, but if membership drops below some minimum threshold,
           council for that issue should be reformed.

-> Discussed whether council's majority / minority opinions MAY, MUST,
    or MUST NOT be signed. No conclusions yet.
-> Discussed whether percentage of support for position should be reported,
    but no conclusions yet. (Somewhat dependent on previous point.)


Received on Friday, 13 September 2019 15:48:59 UTC