Director-free W3C

Thanks, TAG, for the time today discussing a Director-free W3C. I 
apologize that my connection was so sporadic, but I think there was a 
good discussion nonetheless.

I expect to see you all at TPAC next week and hope to hear more about 
your input on the Director-free W3C.

There were two items which I think did not get adequate attention, based 
on the fragments of conversation that I heard.

1. The AB has given considerable thought to best practices for 
processing Formal Objections.  We do not have that in the formal process 
document, but we have it separately [1].  Your feedback is requested.


2. The question arose how many Formal Objections would go to the W3C 
Council, but noone had the data handy.  PLH has actually studied this 
[2] based on recent data.  It is hard to make exact calculations because 
processing of FOs in director-free has different empowerment for the 
Team.  Whereas Tim is only involved in about 2 FOs, per year, there will 
be more FOs that go to the Council in Director-free.  That is because 
Tim has given the Team delegated authority to rule in his behalf (under 
certain conditions) today, but in Director-free the Team will have no 
such delegation.  If you look at slide 4, we should expect 5+ Formal 
Objections per year going to the Council.  The rest of the presentation 
is also interesting.




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