Re: Client Cert operationstions and UI Was: Same Origin Policy - Re: Agenda: <keygen>

On 9/17/15 12:39 PM, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> The remainder of this request is questionably a TAG request, and
> seemingly more of your personal request, given that the concepts and
> notions you're proposing do not apply to the needs of client
> certificates in general, but to specific use cases of WebID-TLS and
> the Semantic Web.


To be clear, my comments have nothing to do with WebID-TLS. I don't see
<keygen/> making or breaking WebID-TLS, it simply provides a convenience
that needs to be accompanied with appropriate warnings for certificate
generation software developers that also support WebID-TLS. My
particular concern was all about the status of <keygen/> in HTML5 (not
in Chrome which is a Google product).

-- an old post about my views on this matter which I inadvertently left
out of our earlier exchange.


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