Re: Preparing to Publish HTTPS Finding

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>>>  "The annual median per capita [yearly] income in India stood at $616, the
>>>  99th position among 131 countries." [1] (Gallup Dec 2013)
>>>  So what's the cost of a wildcard SSL certificate (someone quoted $100 in a
>>>  previous)?  Is it affordable?
>> People at that income level need clean water and food, not X.509 certificates.
> This is a particularly odious statement.

I was attempting to empathize with the poorest billion, but I see that
in doing so I presumed to know how people rank their needs. Obviously,
I don't.

I apologize to anyone I offended.

> Often, people at that level could get food and clean water - and more precious bandwidth - if they could compete on a level footing in a low-cost web. Poor people often spend a huge amount of their total income on bandwidth and similar technology. And compared to those of us in the rich part of the world, it is often a very careful and very rational choice based on weighing some really serious odds.

Can you provide some examples? I'd like to understand peoples' needs better.

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