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>>  "The annual median per capita [yearly] income in India stood at $616, the
>>  99th position among 131 countries." [1] (Gallup Dec 2013)
>>  So what's the cost of a wildcard SSL certificate (someone quoted $100 in a
>>  previous)?  Is it affordable?
> People at that income level need clean water and food, not X.509 certificates.

This is a particularly odious statement.

Often, people at that level could get food and clean water - and more precious bandwidth - if they could compete on a level footing in a low-cost web. Poor people often spend a huge amount of their total income on bandwidth and similar technology. And compared to those of us in the rich part of the world, it is often a very careful and very rational choice based on weighing some really serious odds.

Just sayin'


>>  The finding says that HTTPS will only be needed for new features.  So, are
>>  we moving to a two tier web, where some features are for everyone and and
>>  some are for others?
> As has been shown multiple times, there are ways for people to serve
> HTTPS for 0 additional dollars.
> We need to avoid a 2-tier web: 1 tier containing the billions of users
> who don't understand that getUserMedia is broadcasting streams from
> their mic and camera over the internet in the clear, and a 2nd tier
> containing the few experts who do understand.
> We need a 1-tier web: safe for everyone by default, and easy for users
> to use. The 1-tier web may come at a small price: the relatively small
> # of site operators — experts by definition — may have to learn how to
> use SSLmate or Let's Encrypt or the like.

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