Re: Revisiting Authoritative Metadata (was: The failure of Appendix C as a transition technique)

On 2013/02/22 18:45, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 9:29 AM, "Martin J. Dürst"
> <>  wrote:
>> In that scenario, how would you get a browser to display any format with
>> such a magic number,... as plain text? Many formats, HTML and XHTML
>> included, are at the same time plain text.
> Presumably that's why<plaintext>  was invented before HTTP/1.0 made
> the whole system brittle with MIME types. It still works. And in fact,
> to this day browsers display text/plain as an HTML document with the
> tokenizer set to the PLAINTEXT state. That's even standardized:

Hello Anne, Robin, others,

When I go to that part of that spec, I count 15 links in the first 
paragraph alone, and the text reads as if I'd not be able to interpret 
the text without looking up the majority of these links (and then maybe 
other links from there). That might be fine if I had to implement this, 
but I just want to understand what it is all about. I also tried to 
search "<plaintext>", but the '<' and '>' get removed.

> (And
> observable, e.g. in Firefox, but
> you can also poke at the DOM of an<iframe>  displaying a text/plain
> document and style it similarly in other browsers.)

The style looks nice, but I still have no idea how you did it. A pointer 
to a simple explanation would be appreciated.

Regards,   Martin.

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