Re: Polyglot markup and authors

"Michael[tm] Smith" wrote:
> > Error-correcting parsers can't begin streaming output (using, say,
> > SAX) to the rest of the toolchain until they've finished parsing
> That's not actually true. You might want to take at look at the
> HTML parser for an example.

OK, I will.

> If by unclosed tag you mean a start tag that lacks an end tag, then
> for many elements in HTML that's not defined as an error and never
> has been. XML made it an error. But HTML parsers aren't XML.

You're right.  One of the reasons I've always used CSE validator over
w3c's is because it reports this as a warning; despite being valid SGML
it was historically non-interoperable in browsers.  So I've always
considered it an error even though I know better, but this has nothing
to do with XML.

XML making this an error is one reason XML's stream-processable, to the
point I can take it for granted regardless of parser.  If's
parser streams, I don't think I can take that feature as representative
of the class.  Time will tell.


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