Re: Polyglot as a generic version transition technique

Larry Masinter wrote:
> I had a recent insight about polyglot.

Interesting.  By your definition, the solution I'm advocating here:

Is to make a "polyglot API" instead of using conneg/versioning.

> However, in 2013, the important use case for Polyglot is to allow the
> transitionfrom XHTML (the previous W3C Recommendation path) to HTML. 

Except you lose me there, in that I would say the use case for PG is to
allow the coexistence of HTML and XHTML.  Otherwise we're deprecating
stream processing on the Web, enabled by application/xhtml+xml, which
still seems like a desirable architectural feature for those who know
how to exploit it.


Received on Thursday, 14 February 2013 05:46:41 UTC