Re: TAG Decision on Rescinding the request to the HTML WG to develop a polyglot guide

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> You know what is _really_ eating my development time? Some people
> seem to have a undisclosed plan to just kill XML wherever it lives,
> ignoring the reality of the industries out here in the name of
> some sort of logical purity. Some of these people have worked for
> software implementors but never for software users. They say they
> know but they don't. When I see the xml declaration is still used
> by zillions and Gecko has no more OM way of reaching it, _that_
> does eat my development time. When I see editing in contenteditable
> elements and designMode documents is specified ONLY trying to
> harmonize what browsers currently do w/o looking at what users need
> and by people who are NOT Masters of html editing rules, _that_ eats
> my development time. When a Working Group prefers keeping <ins> and
> <del> that CANNOT work instead of switching to a modern, robust AND
> IMPLEMENTED-BY-EVERYONE solution, that does eat my development time.


I've just heard of BlueGriffon, and I'll definitely be checking it out.
Why?  The polyglot feature represents, to me, its value proposition.
Telling the developer not to support my use case (which seems common
enough from my perspective) comes across as a political decision based
on anti-XML bias rather than technical merit, or a failure to understand
how/that Web technologies are used beyond the subset which includes
Aunt Sally.


Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 22:44:35 UTC