Re: Draft Note re. Privacy by Design ACTION-780

As you may be aware the TAG has been working on a privacy-related document. 
  Originally this was called API Minimization but it is now called Privacy 
by Design [1]. As the change in name suggests, the focus has also shifted. 
  The work was started by Dan Applequist and the idea was to discuss a 
single, focused item namely: send only what is requested and no more.

When Robin Berjon took over the document in early 2012 he expanded the 
scope and, among other things, added a section on fingerprinting.  We are 
aware that Nick Doty is also working on a document about fingerprinting.

The reason for this note is to ask whether PING, the privacy experts, would 
like to take over the TAG document.  If you agree, you can do whatever you 
see fit with it. You can take it forward on your own, you can merge it with 
the document that Nick is working on or you can abandon it.  As far as the 
TAG is concerned, this is your decision to make. The TAG remains interested 
in this area and believes it to be important, but changes in our membership 
and focus make it impractical to carry forward work on our drafts in the 
foreseeable future.

Thank you very much.

Noah Mendelsohn
For the W3C Technical Architecture Group


Tracker: this fulfills TAG ACTION-783

Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 04:24:19 UTC