Re: IndexedDB, what were the issues? How do we stop it from happening again?

On 2/10/13 5:37 PM, Miko Nieminen wrote:
> Sorry for dropping previous content in this thread, but I just
> subscribed to this list and the only way I found to reply to older
> messages is by using archives and "respond to this message" link.
> It seems that people criticize IndexedDB quite a lot and I don't quite
> agree with most of the criticism. I have been playing with IDB for
> couple of months now I actually quite like it. It has its shortcomings,
> but I think NoSQL database is very good choice as browser based
> database and there are multiple reasons why I favour this approach over
> embedding SQL DBMS.

It isn't an either or proposition. Each API serves different kinds of 
data access needs. As you say, IndexedDB works fine once you understand 
its problem space focus :-)

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