Agenda for TAG teleconference

I know I am remiss (again) on preparing a formal agenda for tomorrow. The 
plan had been to do it late this evening, but I hit an unexpected crisis 
involving my students, and since it's now nearly 2AM, I am with apologies 
going to punt once again and just give an informal outline here:

We will have a call at the usual time.

* I don't see any PENDING REVIEW items that need more than quick attention. 
One is ACTION-650, which Jonathan suggests we can close without review.

* We will focus on the state of the product pages and open issues, because 
we've committed to the community that they reflect our work plans, because 
that's particularly important going into TPAC, and because it will help us 
catch things that belong on the F2F agenda.

* The F2F agenda is starting to emerge at [2] (thanks mainly to Jonathan). 
Formatting is still not right, but it's all legible. I think the essentials 
are there, but we'll entertain discussion from anyone who wants changes, 
and we'll quickly allocate long/medium/short sessions.

* We >really< need links to required F2F reading ASAP.

Thank you, and my apologies for not doing a better job.



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