Re: URL work in HTML 5

On 25/09/2012 12:46 , "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
> Fully agree. Indeed, lots of attempts have been made to try and describe
> what browsers actually do with goop they find in a@href, img@src, and
> the like. If Anne can pull that off, then hats off to him. But given the
> current divergences between browsers, it may not exactly be easy.

I love your mastery of understatement, Martin :)

> I don't think the problem statement is too difficult. What Anne is after
> is implementation instructions for browsers. That's a good thing to
> have. But for somebody creating an URI or IRI, or creating an URI/IRI
> scheme, browser quirks can and should be irrelevant. It would be
> hopelessly confusing for them to look at Anne's document.

I am not so certain that the barrier here is so absolute. These things 
leak. For starters, I would expect whatever I use on the server side for 
a Web application to process URLs in the same way that browsers do (as 
much as possible). And once it gets into common development libraries, 
what will prevent it from spreading?

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