Berkman Center project on Internet robustness: "promise of the URL", "mirror as you link", and mutual aid

The Berkman Center is stepping up its project on "mutual aid."

"Members of the Berkman Center propose to pilot a unique, alternative
method for accessing content that is suppressed by DDOS attacks or
technical filtering. We propose to develop and test a mutual aid
system that allows communities of existing users who host content
(e.g. bloggers, human rights groups or independent media sites) to
mirror each otherís content. [2] To implement this project we plan to
create server-side, and as necessary, client-side software extensions
for one or two popular Web browsers and server software packages. We
will robustly test and facilitate expert peer-review of the proposed
technical fixes."

Received on Monday, 17 September 2012 20:20:38 UTC