RE: Publishing and linking this week?

Ashok might be working on an update, but there's

which I suppose should become

but hasn't yet.

In addition, there's another document which will be 

but I have more comments I need to incorporate before offering it to the TAG (Jonathan & Ashok have seen it, but it's not ready for public view yet.)

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To: Larry Masinter; Ashok Malhotra; Jonathan Rees
Subject: Publishing and linking this week?

A new draft on publishing and linking was to be the main topic for this 
week's TAG call. Are we likely to have one in time?  Please note that there 
is no call next week on the 26thm and the call on 2 August is listed as 
"Maybe" [1], so it would be nice to make some progress before we break.

Thank you.



P.S. Tracker, this relates to ACTION-727 -- Ashok Malhotra to with help 
from JAR and Larry to work on a plan for taking a slightly stronger version 
of the Copyright and Linking draft forward -- due 2012-07-17 -- OPEN

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