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Re: FYI, tag election links

From: Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:04:56 +0100
Cc: www-tag@w3.org
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To: ashok.malhotra@oracle.com

On 13 Dec 2012, at 01:11, Ashok Malhotra <ashok.malhotra@oracle.com> wrote:

> I read the blogs in the links below and I agree with most of the arguments they make.
> The W3C has made efforts to reach out to the developer community and address their
> concerns.  There was the meet-up in Lyon and there have been several developer conferences.
> But, yes, more could be done.  More could also be done to address contradictions and inconsistencies
> between specs.  No disagreement about that.
> But if the TAG is to be reformed, I would argue that it should become more forward-looking
> and visionary -- help lead the Web to its full potential!  There are a number of important
> areas that need to be worked on.   We need more powerful formalisms than RDF and we need
> to be able to do at least a modicum of inference.  We need -- one of my hot buttons -- an architecture
> for offline applications and we need a better system for identity on the Web.

Hi Ashok,

  we're working on that here on the WebID Community Group. We already have a lot of pieces listed


  - WebID - high level overview spec - what is a WebID  (pretty stable)
  - WebID Authentication over TLS: efficient authentication using TLS (solid)
  - WebID Interoperability: how OpenId, BrowserId, etc... can all work together (sketch)
  - Use Case and Requirements - we're working on that ( in development )
  - Web Access Control - something we're looking to speccify ( it's mostly done )

You'll be happy to know that I worked on that at Sun Microsystems before it was taken over
by Oracle. see this 2008 blog:


It seems though that in the takeover a cost cutting exercise took place where a lot
of famous people left the new company, and this fell through the cracks, taken over by
the french social security system, which is financing this. Vive la France!

>  The W3C may also
> want to take positions positions on some of the legal, political and social issues around the Web.
> This is controversial and we need to discuss what we can say and how and where we say it.
> I've probably missed a few but that should keep the TAG busy for a while :-)
> All the best, Ashok
> On 12/8/2012 4:06 PM, Larry Masinter wrote:
>> For those who are only following this list, see blog posts
>> http://yehudakatz.com/2012/12/07/im-running-to-reform-the-w3cs-tag/
>> http://marcosc.com/2012/12/w3c-tag-elections/
>> http://infrequently.org/2012/12/reforming-the-w3c-tag/
>> http://infrequently.org/2012/11/election-season/
>> (are there any other links I missed?)
>> I think it's fantastic that people actually care what the TAG does.
>> I'd suggest the current TAG discuss some of the issues raised as to problems with the TAG (things that need to be reformed) if only for continuity.

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