Preliminary agenda for TAG teleconference of 17 November

I've prepared a preliminary agenda [1] for the TAG teleconference of 17 
November, which is this Thursday. Right now, the only substantive item 
ready for discussion appears to be SPDY, so we'll do at least that. There 
are one or two other things ready, but they involve TAG members who have 
sent regrets (Larry and Jonathan), and a few PENDING REVIEW actions that 
should be easily dealt with.

If you have other items for the agenda, please send them by mid-day 
Wednesday, and I will finalize the agenda by Wed. evening.

There will be no call on 24 November 2011, which is US Thanksgiving, so our 
next call will be in two weeks on 1 December.

Our next TAG F2F is in early January. I don't expect to be working during 
the late December holiday period, so I'll be trying to get the F2F agenda 
ready by, say, Dec 21st or so. Especially for those taking time off for 
Thanksgiving, it's probably time to start working on significant drafts, 
etc. that you'll want discussed at the F2F.

Thank you.



Received on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 04:03:59 UTC