Re: ACTION- 541: Jeni to help Dan pull together terminology on Deep Linking

On 3/29/2011 5:07 PM, Jeni Tennison wrote:
> I'm aware that this action is due today. We have a document that is partially completed and certainly done enough for a bit of discussion, available at:
> If there is time for it to be discussed on Thursday's call, all the better.

Perfect timing. I'm just starting on the agenda now, and I'll put it on. 
Based on a quick skim, it's an impressive start. Thank you!

One comment: if working in Google Docs is helping you with a bit of early 
collaboration I suppose that's OK for a little while, but it seems to me 
that drafts for TAG publications really should live in W3C space. That way, 
W3C can take responsibility for long-term archiving, maintenance of stable 
URIs, etc. Might it be possible to move this into W3C/TAG CVS space soon? I 
note the document also lacks things like explicit copyright statements, 
which we also normally would put explicitly into a draft that matches W3C 
pubrules.  Getting all that right would be good (some of us use variations 
on the xmlspec.xsl template, which has its own pros and cons), but either 
way I think having it in W3C space at least goes some way to making it a 
de-facto W3C publication.


P.S. Dan, your out-of-office note suggested you'd be back today, and I'm 
assuming you'll on the call this Thurs. Is that right? We're up to two 
agenda items that focus on your work, and if you won't be there then, 
combined with others' regrets, that might tip the scales toward canceling 
the call.

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