Identification of documents in Web applications

Some thoughts from the past:

? and # are symmetric -- ? is server-side # is client-side. One
of the inconsistencies in web-arch as defined is that it perhaps
fail to recognize this symmetry fully.

Secondly, I believe there is a continuum from documents to
applications, an application with 0 interactivity is perhaps a
document. Another way to look at this is:

"The Document Is The Interface"  but "The Interface Is Not  A
Document"  --- An interface is actually a collection of
documents, where each document snapshots a particular state in
the overall app;ication interaction.

Noah Mendelsohn writes:
 > I've posted some thoughts at [1] on the identification of documents in Web 
 > applications. This relates to the draft Ashok is editing on client-side 
 > URIs [2](titled: "Repurposing the Hash Sign for the New Web", though one of 
 > the points in my posting is that we need to look at "?" as well as "#", so 
 > I'd really like to change that title.)
 > The posting also relates to the hash-bang #! controversy, and I'll be 
 > scheduling a discussion of that for Thursday. Please try to read both my 
 > posting [1] and Jeni's [3] before this week's call. Last I heard from Amy, 
 > Tim will be joining us. I expect to do the agenda tomorrow morning.  Thank you.
 > Noah
 > [1] 
 > [2]
 > [3]


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