Re: [IAB] 'HTTP State Management Mechanism' to Proposed Standard

--On Saturday, March 05, 2011 16:45 -0800 Larry Masinter
<> wrote:

> If you're revisiting history:
> There were a lot of issues raised and settled during the
> development of HTTP 1.1 in the '90s, but the differences
> between "what we're doing and don't want to change" and "what
> should be" over cookies were irreconcilable at the time; 2616
> and 2617 got published without cookies, and a separate group
> went on to publish 2965. I think you could say it was "out of
> sync with how browsers were actually using cookies", but you
> could also say that the browser implementors were less
> interested in standards and security than they were in
> competitive advantage.

This is pretty much consistent with my recollection (I was
"responsible" AD at the time).  


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