Re: Unified Approaches

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 3:46 AM,  <> wrote:
> What is proposed in a related paper is an approach toward use of model
> driven declarative specifications that systematically continue the
> development of XML from a document specification language to full scale
> support for application development.

I think, XML information can be broadly classified as "document" and
"data". Your statement above mentions something like, "moving XML from
document specifications to ..." which confused me. The "document"
nature of XML is roughly (or perhaps largely) analogous to the HTML
standard (XHTML is a nice example for this I believe).

> Among several other goals, this is intended to simplify development by significantly reducing the need for
> procedural code in broad classes of applications.

Other than "document" and "data" specifications, complete programming
languages have been specified in XML (for e.g XSLT etc). XSD is
another good example (mentioning XSD, since you wrote XSD in your
latest mail) of specification of a vocabulary in XML (though it's not
a language in a sense like XSLT. it's a validation specification for
XML data or documents).

I find it hard to understand from your mail, where the gaps are as per
your proposal?

Mukul Gandhi

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