Re: ACTION-625: Followup discussion of httpRange-14 options

Henry and I will both be absent on Thursday, as we will have just
finished the workshop on domain name persistence and will be in
transit at the time of the call.

I will miss the telcon the following week (Dec 15) due to another
workshop, but am available the week after that (Dec 23).

I have drafts of a baseline document and change proposal call at about
95% completion. You could discuss these without me if you like, either
this week or next.

The relation of this to your action and the options document is that
the options document sketches an array of possible change proposals.
Looking at the options might informa what the baseline document and
change proposal call should say, and of course could provide source
material should any TAG member (or anyone else for that matter) care
to prepare a change proposal.


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 3:22 AM, Noah Mendelsohn <> wrote:
> Jonathan,
> Working through my actions to prepare the agenda for this week's telcon, I
> see:
> ACTION-625: Schedule followup discussion of
> (per agreement in Santa Clara)
> Please remind me a bit of the context for this; would this Thursday be a
> good time? I haven't seen regrets from anyone (not sure about Tim, though --
> I can check).
> Thanks.
> Noah

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